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Royal Indian Marble
Construction & Building Material / Marble & stones
Name : Raj kumar
Country : India
State : Rajasthan
City : Jodhpur
Address : Raj Purohit Bhawan,P-17
Mobile No : +918769873114
Telephone No : 02912512069
Email :
Website :

Product Price: 100000
Marble is the most elegant stones in its own right. The word 'marble' triggers awe and demands respect for its royalty. No wonder 'Taj Mahal' that was constructed in pure marble has kept the world under its spell for many epochs now. No wonder you want a house or an office brandishing its beauty and glory in marble. Marble stone has a typical interlocking of carbonate crystals which offers it a brilliant sheen. Pure white Indian marble stone is formed due to metamorphosis of limestone or dolomite protolith. The colors, the swirls and the veins of the marble stone could be attributed to the mineral impurities present within.