Earning Opportunity

Adbazzaar.com is another  chance to change your life. 

We at adbazzaar.com knew that the customer will not pay to advertise in a new directory, that’s why we waited for 6 years to add a premium directory in our portal adbazzaar.com. We were running this directory free since 30th Jan, 2013.

About adbazzaar.com
This website provides free online classifieds, free online advertising services, including free online classified ads posting and searching along with some Premium Classified Ads (Paid Service). The services principally focus not only on communities of India but it is a global B2b portal. It has separate international portal for posting International ads and the classifieds.

About Online Advertising:

Online advertising is the easiest and the most cost effective way to reach engaged consumers in a targeted way. It is an organized way of advertising. You can target exactly who sees your advertisement resulting in a highly receptive audience. You can communicate a larger amount of information about your business to your target audience online.The cost of advertising online is cheaper than other media. In online advertising you are paying for the target viewers but in television, radio and the newspaper you are paying for the popularity of that media. Internet is becoming the need of masses and hence internet audience is growing rapidly. Internet removes the restriction of geography.

New Marketing Strategy:

We invite our premium directory advertisers to become our marketing partners and provide them an online system to refer customers and generate sales and get the income automatically transferred to their account as per our marketing plan up to 8 levels down. In this way they can not only lower the advertising cost but can generate a source of second income. We also focus on the people with the dreams to become entrepreneur with no money to invest.
Objective:  Our objective is to give a low priced advertising platform to small businesses in India and generate employment by giving an opportunity to become self-employed without any investment.

Don’t Kill Your Dream Of Becoming An Entrepreneur.

Why advertise in adbazzaar.com?

 “Today it's not about 'get the traffic’- it's about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic'.  Advertising online is a targeted form of advertising where you can target - who, how and from where you want the traffic.

Where and how advertise online:

1. Your own website - you have to manage the search engine optimization (SEO) yourself. To promote it you need to post ads in various directories.

2. Google Ad Words (ads on Google) - Very costly, it will charge 'per click' and as the daily budget finishes , your ads will go off.

3. Advertising directories like adbazzaar.com.

Why post ad in adbazzaar.com?

1. Low cost advertising: Premium directory Ad package costs Rs.5900 (inclusive of GST) - IT COSTS YOU RS.16 PER DAY.
2. Exposure: 24/7 exposure. Exposure is important for all business marketing strategy.
3. Branding: The people who are exposed to your business, the more people are likely to utilise your products/ services so called branding.
4. Customer Interaction: In adbazzaar.com ads customer will directly interact with you, he will not pass through any directories helpline.
5. Professional appearance: Your ad will have a beautiful look , like your own website. It will be a three page webpage - Home, about us and contact us.
6. Increased traffic: it will increase traffic to your website.
7. Increase your sales: more traffic more sales.
8. SEO Benefits: A common SEO program of our website will help you searchable in Google., though there is competition in keywords.
9. Passive income: Advertising in adbazzaar.com is more than advertising. Adbazzaar.com is another chance to change your life.We've created a new opportunity for our advertising clients! Work as reseller of our product, sponsor others and earn bonuses. You will earn bonuses up to 8 levels down like a multi level marketing strategy.



                                  Advertisement sells the product
How would your ad in adbazzaar.com’s Premium Directory look like?

It would be a three page professional look advertisement with unlimited space to describe your product -  Home page, About us and the Contact us page. Option to upload 4-5 images and add meta title.



Advertising in adbazzaar.com will not only help you in branding but it will help you generate a source of second income.

Business plan.

When you advertise in the premium directory of adbazzaar.com, you will generate an ID and password. Use this ID and Password to enter in your account. Now you can sponsor other advertisers and you will get the commissions on the ads of your sponsored advertisers. Here you will not only get the commission on your directly sponsored advertisers but you will get commissions up to 8 levels.

Cost of Ad– Premium directory ad Rs.5900/- (Including GST). For one year and the ads to be renewed after one Year)
Step 1  Register yourself for free and generate your username and password.
You can sponsor dealers and advertising customers after joining for free and earn the direct sale commission of INR 750
Step 2Advertise in the premium directory and make payment online or through cheque or cash directly in the company account of Ad Bazzaar and become our advertising customer. Advertising customer is eligible to earn all the 8 levels of Stream income and the rewards.
Step 3Upload your PAN Card and adhaar card and fill your banking details and upload cancelled cheque. You can do it later on, but you have to clear this step to take the first pay cheque.
Step 4. Open your account and start sponsoring advertisers. You can sponsor as many advertisers as you can.

Income Plan

You will get commissions up to 8 levels.
Direct Sales Commission
Level 1:  Rs 750 (15%)
Stream Income - Team Commissions
Level 2:  Rs.450 (9%)
Level 3:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 4:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 5:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 6:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 7:  Rs.150 (3%)
Level 8:  Rs.150 (3%)

Can you imagine how lucrative idea this could be for you. Let me explain you. In this plan you can sponsor as many
advertisers as you can directly with you, there is no leg system or carry forward of income. All the commissions will be
cleared weekly.

1. Join 5 Advertising Customers direct with you and Get cash incentive of INR 2500. You can earn in multiples. (Written in Plan also)
2. Build a team of 155 advertising customers in your down in the sequence given below, you will get an international Tour to Bankok-Pataya for 3 nights and 4 days..

Level 1    5
Level 2    25 (5X5)
Level 3    125 (25 X 5)
3. More Rewards to come on pushing your levels up.

Business Opportunity!
Where you can achieve your dreams, have financial freedom, more time for your family

Six Incomes of adbazzaar.com plan

  1. Direct Sales Bonus: Bonus you earn when you sponsor an advertising customer. Direct Sales Bonus is 15%. This bonus can be earned by our dealer who joined free.
  2. Team Commissions: To earn team commission, you must be our advertising customer. Team commissions are direct sales bonus plus 7 other levels ( 450, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150)
  3. Executive Bonus: Sponsor 5 direct advertising customers and get INR.2500. You can earn this commission in multiples. Free Joining dealer can also earn this income.
  4. Car Plan: Achieve the Gold team and earn car incentive of INR 6,50000on achieving the Gold Team target.
  5. Achieve & Enjoy the Exotic Places around the world: Tour incentive plans will be announced from time to time that you can achieve and enjoy the exotic places in Indian and around the world.
  6. Pool Income: 4% of total turnover of the company will be divided equally in the Gold Team, Platinum Team and the Diamond team as per the share levels.

Share Levels:

Gold Team: 50%  Level 1
Platinum Team: 30%  Level  2

Diamond Team: 20%  Level 3

Amounts will be distributed quarterly.

We have made certain levels to achieve and all the levels are in multiple of 5, that doesn’t mean that you can sponsor only 5 direct members. Levels are made to simply guide you to make you aware that how can you succeed in this marketing plan?. Network marketing is building teams, not doing sales or doing personal business. It is helping others achieve their goals. Moreover you are selling advertisements and there is no monthly target and there is annual renewal only, if you focus on 5 members, you can get the renewals very easily and anybody can do that. We want your focus on helping others earn their living from this business. No doubt, this is a business of teams but it should also be divided into few people managing few people. Think like the networker, not the retailer or traditional business holder.

Stairs to Success
If you sponsor 5 and teach them to sponsor 5, the 8 level chart will be as below:

Team Size

Level Achieved



5 Direct





Team Leader




Achiever Team

Achieved Tour to Bankok for 4 days 3 Nights.

Target Period April to June


Bronze Team

Surprise Gift



Silver Team

Surprise Gift



Gold Team

Achieved Car Plan (INR 650000 ) One time payment on achieving first time Plus entered in Pool Income Level 1



Platinum Team

Pool Income Level 2 + Surprize Gift



Diamond Team

Pool Income Level 3 + Surprize Gift


*Ad Bazzaar reserves the right to make any changes any time